Latency and the Fed

In the past few days, there’s been a lot of talk in the news about latency. Working at a company that makes network simulators (, I spend my day talking about latency, but still I was not prepared to wake Continue reading Latency and the Fed

New Netropy 10G1 Model

At the beginning of this month, Apposite released a new model of WAN emulator, the Netropy 10G1. The 10G1 simulates one 10 Gbps link through one pair of 10 gig ports (or up to 15 lower speed links) in a Continue reading New Netropy 10G1 Model

It’s the Speed of Light, Dude!

At the recent Sharkfest conference where Apposite was exhibiting our PCAP replay feature, a number of people walked up to our booth and said, “You’re the dudes who inject latency to simulate all the router hops along the network?” Well… Continue reading It’s the Speed of Light, Dude!