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On Sept. 23, Apposite will be discussing the transition to 10 Gbps at Open Reality’s (http://www.openreality.co.uk ) Faster App Times event.  All of our UK customers and fans are invited to attend, as well as anyone in Europe willing to travel a short way.

This promises to be highly educational, with Spirent (http://www.spirent.com/), BlueCoat (http://www.bluecoat.com/), and JDSU’s Network Instruments (http://www.networkinstruments.com/ ) presenting as well. This is the first time that these vital test, visibility and control tools will be demonstrated in a single, performance changing, lab-quality solution.

The event will take place at Mercedes-Benz World Brooklands Museum with a chance to win a Mercedes AMG Driving Experience!

Register at: http://www.openreality.co.uk/faster-app-times-steering-10gb-success/