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We’ve been selling the popular 2-port 1 Gbps Netropy N60 and Linktropy 5500 emulators since 2010 and they’ve been great products – small, quiet, and affordable. But now through the magic of Moore’s Law, we’ve been able to upgrade the hardware and make them even better.  Starting this week, we’re now shipping the updated N61 and 5510 models.


The new models look pretty similar to the old ones – 2 GigE ports for emulation (RJ45 or SFP) along with management and serial console ports in a quiet, 1U half-depth unit.  And product functionlity is completely unchanged.  But inside, the new systems have much higher capacity.  For users, this means full line rate packet forwarding capability for all packet sizes (3 million packets per second) for both the 5510 and N61, a big jump from the 1 million pps for the 5500 and 2 million pps for the N60.  The new models also have a lot more memory for buffering, just in case you need to simulate earth-to-moon latency.

To be honest, if you’re not trying to push a gigabit/sec of VoIP tinygrams or simulate extraterrestrial latencies, you probably won’t notice the difference – the older models were already very capable systems.  But best of all, we’ve kept the prices the same, so the extra capacity won’t cost you anything.  Even if you don’t need your car to go 200 mph, it’s nice to know it can.

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Apposite Technologies’ award-winning WAN emulation products provide IT professionals with high precision tools for benchmarking the performance of applications across wide area networks.