How to Find Application Performance Problems

The main reason to use a WAN emulator is to test application performance.  But finding the problems are only the first half of the battle – the other half is fixing them.  The folks at Love My Tool (, with Continue reading How to Find Application Performance Problems

Happy Birthday … To Us!

Today marks the official 10 year anniversary of Apposite Technologies.  I’d like to say it’s been a long strange trip, but it’s actually been a pretty straight path. Most tech start-up stories seem to begin, “Once upon a time in Continue reading Happy Birthday … To Us!

Apposite’s Gluten-Free WAN Emulators

Today’s Wall Street Journal described how due to the popularity of gluten-free foods, food producers are stamping many of their products “gluten-free” even if like milk and yogurt, they never contained any of the grains that include gluten. ( hy-1403491041?KEYWORDS=gluten). Continue reading Apposite’s Gluten-Free WAN Emulators

New Netropy 10G1 Model

At the beginning of this month, Apposite released a new model of WAN emulator, the Netropy 10G1. The 10G1 simulates one 10 Gbps link through one pair of 10 gig ports (or up to 15 lower speed links) in a Continue reading New Netropy 10G1 Model

How to Use Linktropy for Microsoft Branch Office Testing

Microsoft recently published two Test Lab Guides with step-by-step instructions for testing performance between headquarters (or datacenter) and branch offices using the Linktropy WAN emulator. The first guide uses physical hardware for all the clients and servers. It is available Continue reading How to Use Linktropy for Microsoft Branch Office Testing

The APP Test Series: Testing Tango Mobile Video Chat

Hidely-ho, Neighborinos! Welcome to the final test for our series on Mobile Video Chat apps. As you can tell from the title, this time we tested the video chat app “Tango” to see how it would perform under certain networking Continue reading The APP Test Series: Testing Tango Mobile Video Chat

The Easy Choice

If you haven’t come across Cleversafe already, their dispersed object storage technology runs the world’s largest data repositories. Their systems provide redundancy by simultaneously storing objects on multiple storage nodes across physically dispersed locations. Obviously, WAN conditions such as bandwidth Continue reading The Easy Choice