We needed a solution for our lab to replicate a wide range of customer conditions and we didn't find any other device that offered the same level of capability as the Netropy emulators. Multiple emulation ports, each capable of simulating multiple WAN links, allows us to run a battery of tests simultaneously while the ability to record and replay live customer network conditions makes it easy to reproduce the dynamic loss and latency spikes that our products are designed to overcome.
Mike Siegler
Vice President of Development and Support, Ecessa
The most important factor for us was stability so that we could run continuous, long-term tests, and the reliability of the Netropy emulator made that possible. Combined with more flexibility to vary network conditions than other emulators and at a far better price point, Netropy was an easy choice for us.
Niall McShane
Director of System Integration, Cleversafe
Riverbed chose the Linktropy Mini2 because of its flexibility, ease-of-use and small footprint.
Apurva Dave
Vice President of Product Marketing, Riverbed
The Linktropy Mini is a perfect combination of size and features for our partners and sales engineers to take to customer sites and demonstrate the effectiveness of Citrix WANScaler for accelerating application performance over different link speeds and latencies. We are impressed that the Linktropy Mini takes only seconds to setup, and its integrated WAN performance monitor helps to sell our product.
Jimmy Chang
Senior Product Marketing Manager, Citrix
We selected the Netropy product not only for its ease-of-use and attractive pricing, but for the responsiveness that Apposite demonstrated in meeting our specific requirements.
Uri Shech
VP R&D, Celtro
The Linktropy WAN emulator paid for itself within days when we used it to replicate a satellite link to an off-shore oil rig where a customer was reporting a performance issue. By replicating the customer's environment in our lab, we were quickly able to determine that the high latency of the link was preventing our software from fully utilizing the available bandwidth. Not only did this help us avoid a costly trip for a developer and a support engineer, but once we identified the cause of the problem, the emulator made it possible to validate the fix before sending it to the customer.
Corey Ercanbrack
Vice President of Engineering, LanDesk Software
Seeing the impact of network conditions on application performance is the key to understanding the value in WAN acceleration. We're pleased that Apposite's products make it easy for enterprise users to accurately simulate real-world conditions as it helps our customers understand the complex WAN challenges that Silver Peak's solution overcomes.
Jeff Aaron
Vice President of Marketing, Silver Peak
Having the Linktropy 10G in our booth allows us to provide a live demonstration of the benefits of our technology. We are using the device to demonstrate multi-gigabit per second file transfers over commodity Internet WAN conditions, cases where open source software emulators are not fast enough. Linktropy's user-friendly graphical interface also makes it easy to change network conditions on the fly in front of prospective customers to show them what they would see on their own network.
Michelle Munson
CEO, Aspera
The Linktropy appliance allows us to demonstrate and harden WOS operations at the cloud scale - right here in our test lab, enabling us to ensure that WOS will perform optimally and reliably in this dispersed environment regardless of where sites are located, how they are connected, and what network conditions are encountered.
Josh Goldstein
Vice President of Product Marketing, DataDirect Networks
I was able to set up high-latency, high-congestion links very quickly and more reliably than using any other solution. Overall, I was very impressed with how easy the Linktropy product is to setup and operate. The Linktropy WAN emulator allows me to not only throttle bandwidth down to bits per second, but its built-in network monitoring tools allow me to watch client/server bandwidth utilization in real time, even when the network is so slow that it is impossible to retrieve data from the client directly.
Tyler Duni
Platform Services Engineer, IBM
Because actual WAN links can vary greatly, we used the Apposite Technologies Netropy 10G WAN emulator to simulate our WAN connection. Besides allowing us to throttle bandwidth, it can also inject latency, jitter, and packet loss. This allowed us to simulate the behavior of several different kinds of SAN and WAN links between our sites.
Storage Infrastructure and Solutions Group, Dell
The Netropy N90 WAN emulator enabled us to thoroughly test the sensor and processing system of our products in complex network environments and thus ensuring that the products will perform without problems. Netropy enabled us to troubleshoot network congestion and other complex issues in a controlled environment prior to product release and saved us time and effort. The solutions have enabled us to test the operation of the entire network architecture even for large scale network deployments.
Mats Koivisto
CTO, Navielektro
This thing is fantastic! It has a slick web interface for configuration and can easily stand up to any traffic I could throw at it (without unwanted packet loss). This device should be in any serious network engineer’s tool bag
Mike Canney
President, GetPackets
To guarantee our service and content provider customers are able to consistently deliver an enjoyable mobile video viewing experience to users, we need the ability to emulate extreme network conditions in the lab in a repeatable fashion. Linktropy allows us to readily input and control specific network variables, making it an invaluable tool for efficiently and effectively testing our solution against conditions similar to those we’d experience in the real RF world.
Chris Bailey
CEO, FileCatalyst
The Netropy 10G2 is perfect for ensuring that new products work seamlessly with the storage arrays. There’s really no other enterprise-class emulator that can handle 10 Gbps of traffic at the level of precision we need to ensure trustworthy results.
Andrew MacKay
CTO, Superna
We’re dedicated to offering our users the best remote desktop experience on any device from anywhere. We use the Linktropy WAN emulator in our benchmarking tests to accurately quantify the 5-15x performance advantages that Splashtop has over competing products. It is quickly becoming an indispensable part of our engineering lab.
Tim Cheng
Senior Vice President of Advanced Technologies, Splashtop