Aspera Uses Linktropy to Demo High-Speed File Transfer at NAB
Apposite's Linktropy WAN Emulator Simulates Customer Network Conditions

LAS VEGAS, NV (NAB) - April 20, 2009 - Apposite® Technologies, the leader in affordable, professional-quality network simulation products, announced that their Linktropy® 10G WAN emulator will be used by Aspera at the NAB trade show to demonstrate the performance of Aspera's high-speed file transfer solutions.

Transferring large data sets via inexpensive IP networks instead of shipping tapes, discs, or film, promises to change the economics of content production, distribution, and management. Under ideal conditions, data can be moved using ordinary file transfer methods such as FTP, HTTP, and CIFS. However, on real-world wide-area and metro-area networks, latency and packet loss prevent these applications from utilizing more than a small fraction of the available bandwidth. In contrast, Aspera's file transfer products move digital assets at maximum speed, regardless of file size, transfer distance or network conditions.

To demonstrate these performance gains to prospective customers during the NAB trade show, Aspera turned to Apposite Technologies. Apposite's Linktropy WAN emulation appliances simulate network bandwidth, latency, packet loss, background traffic, and other link impairments to allow Aspera to show the difference provided by fasp, Aspera's next-generation file transport technology, compared to ordinary file transfer methods under a variety of real-world conditions.

Apposite offers a range of Linktropy models to meet any testing need, from the portable, low-cost Linktropy Mini to the 10 Gbps Linktropy 10G. All Linktropy WAN emulators are designed to be affordable and easy-to-use, while offering the precision and performance of a professional test tool. Linktropy WAN emulators have been widely adopted by network administrators and IT managers, as well by networking software and equipment developers.

"Having the Linktropy 10G in our booth allows us to provide a live demonstration of the benefits of our technology. We are using the device to demonstrate multi-gigabit per second file transfers over commodity Internet WAN conditions, cases where open source software emulators are not fast enough," said Michelle Munson, CEO of Aspera. "Linktropy's user-friendly graphical interface also makes it easy to change network conditions on the fly in front of prospective customers to show them what they would see on their own network."

Demonstrations of Aspera's high speed file transfer solutions using the Linktropy WAN emulator will continue in the Aspera booth (#SL9724) for the duration of NAB, April 20 - 23 at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

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