Apposite Releases Netropy v2.1
New Features Expand Capabilities of Award-Winning Network Simulator


LOS ANGELES, CA (April 30, 2013)Apposite® Technologies the leader in easy-to-use, professional-quality network emulation products, today announced the release of Netropy® v2.1, adding a variety of enhancements to Apposite’s line of advanced network emulators.

Netropy WAN emulators simulate bandwidth, latency, loss, congestion, and other network impairments to test the performance of applications in the lab. With a unique combination of ease-of-use, test lab-level precision, and unmatched pricing, Apposite’s network emulators are widely used by IT managers, network administrators, and application developers across the globe.

New features of v2.1 include:

  • LDAP Authentication: In addition to usernames and passwords configured locally on the Netropy WAN emulator, an LDAP server can now be used for user authentication.
  • Gilbert-Elliott Loss: v2.1 adds the ability to simulate packet loss using a two-state Gilbert-Elliott loss model.
  • Classification by IP ToS: The Netropy WAN emulator can apply different network impairments to different packets based on IP address, VLAN, MPLS label, MAC address, or application port number. v2.1 adds the capability to apply different conditions to packets with different priority levels based on IP Precedence or DSCP values.

Netropy 2.1 firmware is now available for download to all Netropy users under a current maintenance contract at no additional charge.

About Apposite Technologies

Apposite Technologies’ award-winning WAN emulation products provide IT professionals with high precision tools for benchmarking the performance of applications across wide area networks. Distinguished by industry-best ease-of-use and unmatched cost-performance, Apposite’s Linktropy and Netropy appliances inform critical decisions impacting bandwidth investment, application deployment, and end-user satisfaction. Apposite’s network emulation products are used by leading enterprises, application and equipment vendors, government and military organization, test labs, and telecommunications carriers around the world.

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