Game Development

  • Emulate network conditions
  • Verify responsiveness over different networks
  • Easy installation in an existing network

Download the Netropy Datasheet:

Reduce Testing Time

Game developers need to ensure that their product won't crumble under excessive lag or crippling packet loss. They also need to provide gamers a level playing field, despite the wide range of network connections, but solely relying on beta testing to identify networking issues can delay the final release by months.

Netropy WAN Emulators simplify game testing by creating a repeatable test environment that simulates real-world conditions. The intuitive GUI makes it easy to simulate any network conditions within minutes while the CLI is ideal for automated QA testing.

Netropy WAN emulators can also simulate the connections of tens of thousands of separate end users.

With no training, developers, QA teams, and customer support can quickly replicate gamer networks to identify issues and fix problems immediately.

  • Validate Game Performance Over the WAN
  • Ensure Fairness in PvP for a Global Player Base
  • Scale up Your Tests with Thousands of Clients Paths


Network design
Build "what-if" scenarios to ensure critical applications perform as needed.
App validation
See how applications will perform prior to roll-out and avoid unpleasant surprises.
Analyze the benefits of WAN acceleration products to optimize the existing infrastructure.
Identify problems and validate potential solutions without disrupting the production network.


Netropy User Interface

Configuration requires only a few simple steps through the intuitive, browser-based GUI.


Netropy main configuration and monitoring window.

Path Configuration

Set the bandwidth, delay, loss, and other network conditions for each link in the Path Configuration window.

Classifier Configuration

Direct packets onto individual links by IP address, VLAN, or other packet fields in the Classifier Configuration window.

We develop mobile Android apps, and use the product to simulate networks with low/no connectivity to ensure that our apps correctly cache and offload their data.
Ben Johnson
Technical Project Manager, Blue Pixel Creates