• Validate vendor solutions
  • Replicate a real-world network in the lab
  • Optimize SD-WAN configuration
  • Test application performance before going live

Download the SD-WAN Whitepaper:

SD-WAN Testing Solutions

SD-WANs use commercially available internet access to provide more reliable and affordable alternatives to private WAN technologies like MPLS.

While SD-WANs can increase the capacity and performance of the networks they manage, mission-critical applications depend on them to function properly. This makes thorough testing a vital aspect in selecting and configuring the right system for your specific network conditions, application mixture, and budget.

Ensure the success of your business operations by using a WAN emulator from Apposite Technologies to test within a real-world scenario.

  • WAN optimization
  • Remote access/ VDI
  • File transfers and asset management
  • VoIP and Video


Network design
Build "what-if" scenarios to ensure critical applications perform as needed.
App validation
See how applications will perform prior to roll-out and avoid unpleasant surprises.
Analyze the benefits of WAN acceleration products to optimize the existing infrastructure.
Identify problems and validate potential solutions without disrupting the production network.
The solutions have enabled us to test the operation of the entire network architecture even for large scale network deployments.
Mats Koivisto
CTO, Navielektro