Storage Vendors

  • Validate Storage applications over WAN
  • Simulate multiple high speed Links with different impairments
  • Accelerate your pre-deployment testing

Download the Netropy Datasheet:

Guarantee the Performance of Storage Over WAN

The industry is transitioning to distributed architectures which drive a demand for higher speeds as data rates continue to increase. To accommodate, the modern data center is transitioning from traditional scale-up architectures to bandwidth intensive scale-out architectures while data center inter-connect addresses the needs of edge computing.

Within distributed storage environments like these, the amount of cross-sectional bandwidth consists of petabytes of information. When data is stored within the cloud, it needs to be replicated up to 10 times or more to ensure redundancy and integrity, but in the continual struggle to guarantee expedient access to data, network latency remains a constant bottleneck that dramatically affects business operations.

Apposite Technologies line of network emulation products help storage manufacturers and architects understand and address these problems before it’s too late. Our award-winning test solutions allow users to easily emulate a functional production network prior to going live. With our intuitive and friendly web-based GUI, these test networks can be deployed in seconds and configured to emulate network impairments, like latency, packet loss, and congestion. By killing application performance in a pre-deployment setting, users can identify issues early, validate network and device performance, and understand the experience of their end-users.

Pre-deployment testing is worth it and you can’t guarantee reliability until you do.

  • Storage over WAN
  • Data synchronization
  • Backup and Disaster Recovery
  • Data Center Replication
  • Fiber Channel over Ethernet (FCoE)


Network design
Build "what-if" scenarios to ensure critical applications perform as needed.
App validation
See how applications will perform prior to roll-out and avoid unpleasant surprises.
Analyze the benefits of WAN acceleration products to optimize the existing infrastructure.
Identify problems and validate potential solutions without disrupting the production network.


Netropy User Interface

Configuration requires only a few simple steps through the intuitive, browser-based GUI.


Netropy main configuration and monitoring window.

Path Configuration

Set the bandwidth, delay, loss, and other network conditions for each link in the Path Configuration window.

Classifier Configuration

Direct packets onto individual links by IP address, VLAN, or other packet fields in the Classifier Configuration window.

The Netropy 10G2 is perfect for ensuring that new products work seamlessly with the storage arrays. There’s really no other enterprise-class emulator that can handle 10 Gbps of traffic at the level of precision we need to ensure trustworthy results.
Andrew MacKay
CTO, Superna