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Netropy 4.0 Beta

Click the corresponding model to download Netropy 4.0

*10G2 Hardware Differences

Hardware revision 1 of the Netropy 10G2 can be identified by the model number NSA7110W listed on the regulatory label on the bottom of the chassis and has vent holes across most of the middle of the front of the chassis. All Netropy 10G2 units purchased through May 2017 are hardware revision 1.

Known Issues:

  • A factory reset is required prior to upgrading the device
  • If you update 3.0 GUI, 4.0 will not recognize the changes
  • Only Chrome browser is supported
  • Statistics’ timestamps may not be correct
  • Routing mode is not supported at this time
  • Statistics download is not available
  • In path configuration, using numbers that start with 0 and have a decimal will not register (Example 0.001)
  • Endpoints connected to a path must be removed before deleting the path