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Target Customers



 Development / QA

  • CTO
  • VP of Engineering
  • VP of Development
  • Software Analyst
  • Senior Developer
  • VP of QA
  • Director of QA
  • QA Engineer
  • Sr. Project Manager
  • Sr. Program Manager
  • Product Manager

Network Test/Production/Performance

  • VP of Perf Engineering
  • Director of Performance Testing
  • VP of Network Engineering
  • Director of Network Architecture
  • Chief Architecture
  • Network Engineer
  • Telecom Engineer
  • VP of IT
  • VP of Network Operations
  • Infrastructure

Pain Points

Pain A: Business is concerned with poor performance and its associated costs as applications are rolled-out to users across the WAN, WEB, Mobile or Cloud.

Solution A: Incorporate real-world network characteristics into tests to predict end user performance, identify poorly performing transactions and validate optimization solutions, all prior to roll out

Pain B: A major infrastructure change is planned (e.g. data center relocation, cloud, virtualization, mobile migration, QoS, etc.) and the customer needs to understand performance in the future target environment prior to the change.

Solution B: Emulate conditions in the target environment then test for future state performance; to optimize both infrastructure and applications prior to performing the change.


Below is a list of Apposite’s competitors and some competitive positioning documents.

Other forms of Competition include:

  1. Modeling and simulation – Due to complexity issues, typically not as accurate. It is time consuming and does not account for the dynamic nature of network behavior and the application environment itself. It does not allow a real user to experience application performance.
  2. People in the field with stopwatches – Results are anecdotal and the network changes from one minute to the next; therefore, a few readings will not provide enough data for a conclusive decision on application performance. It does not supply any analysis capability other than what is already part of an operational deployment.
  3. Doing nothing… –  Exposes clients to the risk of incurring the high costs associated with re-mediating performance problems in production.