Apposite Launches Netropy Network Emulation
Assess Impact of WAN Conditions on Worldwide User Experience

LOS ANGELES, April 12, 2010Apposite® Technologies is introducing the Netropy™ network emulator, enabling informed decisions on application performance, infrastructure investment, and network optimization to improve end users' experience. The high-precision Netropy Emulation Engine simulates complex WAN topologies to benchmark, troubleshoot, and optimize critical enterprise applications including file sharing, network storage, database applications, and IP voice and video.

"Users at branch and local offices rely on responsive access to application servers across the WAN," says Robert Smithers, CEO from Miercom. "Netropy's ability to simulate complex networks provides crucial insight into application performance that allows IT departments to make the right decisions prior to vendor selection and application purchase."

Application performance is highly dependent not only on the amount of bandwidth available between datacenter and distant end-users, but on the latency, jitter, loss, and congestion of the network. With the increasing centralization of corporate networks and the growth of Web 2.0 applications and cloud-based computing, IT managers and network administrators need to be able to predict the throughput, responsiveness, and quality of applications at remote sites.

Leveraging Apposite's experience as a leader in network simulation, Netropy's advanced Emulation Engine models dozens of concurrent WAN links up to 10 Gbps, providing a fast, cost-efficient means to assess the end-user experience prior to rollout. IT teams can also evaluate the effectiveness of potential performance enhancements and troubleshoot problems that arise after deployment.

Explains Ken Spickler, Director of Systems Engineering at Talon Data Systems: "The Netropy network emulator makes it easy for us to effectively simulate various 10 Gbps networks, ensuring that when our NetFlight appliance is deployed on a customer network, we can be confident it will perform as expected."

 Netropy's filtering and advanced emulation features allows users to:

  • Simulate multi-site networks: By emulating simultaneous connections between centralized resources and regional, branch, and local offices, IT teams and applications developers can test the complex interactions that affect server responsiveness to ensure acceptable performance for all end users.
  • Benchmark multiple products or conditions: The same test can be run side-by-side to compare offerings from different vendors, assess the effect of varying conditions on application responsiveness, or examine the impact of tuning and optimization techniques.
  • Run multiple tests concurrently: Users can run dozens of tests in parallel, slashing the time to collect data on a range of conditions or complete a suite of quality tests.
  • Isolate individual applications: Traffic from specified devices can be separated from other packets to measure the impact of particular conditions on individual applications.
  • Model advanced queuing and loss:  Advanced emulation functionality, including Random Early Detection (RED) queue management and periodic and burst loss, makes it possible to build accurate models of complex network conditions.

"Through painful experience, IT teams have come to realize that centralized applications that work well at headquarters rarely perform the same at local offices," says DC Palter, president of Apposite Technologies. "We've developed the Netropy appliances to give the IT team at headquarters the tools they need to view the applications as users at local sites see it."

Pricing & Availability

Netropy network emulators begin shipping May 1. Prices start at $8K and vary with model and bandwidth.

The Netropy product line consists of three separate appliances to meet a range of bandwidth, capacity, and interface requirements:

Netropy N60 – a single 1 Gbps Emulation Engine with up to 15 separate WAN links.
Netropy N80 – four separate 1 Gbps Emulation Engines of 15 WAN links each.
Netropy 10G – two 10 Gbps and one 1 Gbps Emulation Engines.

About Apposite Technologies

Apposite Technologies' WAN emulation products provide IT professionals with high precision tools for benchmarking the performance of applications across wide area networks. Distinguished by industry-best ease-of-use and unmatched cost-performance, Apposite's Linktropy and Netropy appliances enable informed decisions on application performance, infrastructure investment, and network optimization. Apposite's network emulation products are used by leading enterprises, application and equipment vendors, government and military organization, test labs, and telecommunications carriers around the world.

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