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RFC 2544 Testing Re-Imagined

Netropy Network Traffic Generators offer a brand new approach to traffic generation. Move away from outdated, expensive machines and unreliable freeware, and experience the unmatched ease of use and repeatable results that Netropy Traffic Generation provides.

Our modern UX design is intuitive, so you can get right to work instead of getting bogged down in training. RFC 2544 testing has never been easier. We precision lab test our traffic generation software and hardware to ensure that network performance testing results are valid and reflect real-world outcomes. When you want reliable, real data from a network traffic generator, you can trust Apposite Technologies to provide affordable solutions that deliver results fast.

Amplify & Simplify your Performance Testing

Apposite’s comprehensive suite of traffic generation solutions offers a modern way to test networks, applications, and security performance.

By replicating real application traffic and protocols at tremendous scale, you can roll out new applications and implement new systems with confidence. Our applications allow you to easily evaluate vendor performance and service provider networks prior to deployment and consistently ensure the quality of your services and products.

Netropy Traffic Generation Diagram

System Highlights

  • Modern browser-based UI with an intuitive wizard-driven test approach
  • Extensive library of pre-defined application flows built-in at no additional cost, plus the ability to create custom streams
  • Support of a city-scale of traffic with up to 1 million emulated clients 
  • Amplification of a single traffic capture into thousands of flows
  • Streamlined system configuration with one consistent interface for all test applications
  • Detailed logs and reports for off-line analytics that help pinpoint performance problems

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Take Performance Testing to the Next Level with Netropy Traffic Generation

Traffic Generation Applications

Benchmark the raw packet level performance of networks and devices with classical performance measurements

Capture, reproduce, and amplify production traffic in a controlled lab environment

Optimize the performance and functionality of application-aware devices and systems

Evaluate the session holding capabilities of stateful network devices and servers

Traffic Generation Use Cases

SD-WAN Evaluation and Optimization

  • Evaluate SD-WAN controllers, validate SD-WAN architectures, or optimize SD-WAN implementations
  • Emulate clients, servers, and realistic application traffic. 
  • Choose from our extensive library of app flows and protocols
  • Integrate with Netropy Network Emulators for an end-to-end SD-WAN performance testing solution
SD-WAN Testing

Next Generation Firewall Testing

  • Validate firewall performance, security, and resiliency
  • Replicate real-world application traffic at scale
  • Create custom application mixes, then emulate application servers and thousands of simultaneous users 
  • Ensure that malware is stopped while authorized traffic passes through to its destination
Firewall Testing

Site-to-Site Application Performance Testing

  • Verify application performance between two remote sites
  • Validate tools like WAN accelerators with a variety of application mixes and protocols
  • Capture and replay live production traffic in a controlled setting 
  • Emulate both sites and generate the network traffic passing between them at scale 
Application Performance Testing

High-Scale Readiness Testing

  • Emulate video conference sessions at scale 
  • Verify the corporate VPN can handle high volumes of traffic
  • Generate multi-media traffic to ensure firewalls are set up correctly
  • Determine whether routers are prioritizing traffic as designated by your QoS
Video Conference Testing

Why Do You Need Traffic Generator Software & Tools?

Typically, modern networks are efficient digital structures capable of securely connecting multiple devices with the built-in help of software and hardware. However, depending on the number of devices that need to be connected and the amount of data being transferred across the network, a network can potentially reach capacity – becoming overwhelmed and overloaded. If the data overloads the network, it can bring down the entire network and shut your user base out, having potentially disastrous consequences for even relatively small downtimes.

Network traffic generator hardware and software are perfect for simulating these real-world experiences to ensure they don’t happen when your network is live. If you begin to experience an influx of traffic, ensuring your network can handle  it all is critical. Here are two important reasons why network traffic generator software and tools are right for you:

  • Improved Uptime: In today’s competitive market, your business can’t afford an extended period of downtime. Use a Netropy ethernet traffic generator as a prevention method to keep your network running and reduce downtime when running tests.
  • Network Pre-Analysis: If your company, business or start-up has a new network setup, you need to ensure your installation is correct and your network and devices are working correctly. Using a Netropy IP traffic generator to run a pre-analysis on your network is especially important in scenarios where you expect your WAN to handle a large amount of data and network traffic. You can use the Netropy traffic generation tool to check if the network complies with industry standards before going live.

Netropy Network Traffic Generator Completes All Six Subsets of the RFC 2544

Request for comment (RFC) 2544 is a methodology for testing and measuring network devices and their performance. From its creation in 1999 to now, RFC 2544 delivers standardized performance results and enables users to compare network devices and software across different vendors easily. The RFC 2544 includes six subtests – each designed to evaluate how devices will act in real-world scenarios. Netropy network traffic generation software has the testing and reporting capabilities to complete all six subsets of the RFC 2544. The six tests RFC 2544 devices must comply with are defined as:
  • Throughput: Measures the highest rate at which the data can travel with zero dropped packets by the traffic generation software. Roughly translates to the available bandwidth.
  • Latency: The time it takes a frame to get from its original sender to a destination. Latency is measured by transmitting a test frame containing a timestamp through a network.
  • Frame Loss: The percentage of frames successfully transmitted from a source that were never received at the destination.
  • Back-to-Back Frames: To measure back-to-back frame testing, you’ll send bursts of frames from your network traffic generator hardware to the device. The back-to-back value is the longest burst of frames your device can handle without frame loss.
  • System Reset: Measures the speed your device recovers from a hardware or software reset/power interruption.
  • System Recovery: Measures the speed at which your device can recover from an overload condition. When simulated by your Netropy traffic generation tool, you’ll be able to understand the system recovery time in case of failure.

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