Infineta uses Netropy to Test 10 Gbps WAN Acceleration
Apposite’s Netropy 10G Simulates High-Speed Networks for Product Testing

LOS ANGELES, CA (June 14, 2011)Apposite® Technologies the leader in easy-to-use, professional-quality network simulation products, today announced that its Netropy™ 10G network emulator is being used by Infineta Systems in its internal lab for testing and showcasing its Hyper-scale WAN Optimization systems.

The Infineta Data Mobility Switch (DMS), named as a "25 Hot Product" by Network World, provides instant 5-10x bandwidth capacity gains, IP traffic acceleration, and critical application prioritization and assurance over multi-gigabit WAN links (the Hyper-scale WAN). The DMS is the technology industry’s first-of-a-kind solution to operate at 10 Gbps wire speeds, supporting the next generation of advanced data center architectures that leverage key innovations around agile, high performance compute, server, and storage services delivery models.

To develop their products, Infineta needed a way to simulate actual network conditions. Infineta turned to Apposite, whose Netropy 10G network emulator simulates the bandwidth, latency, loss, and other WAN impairments that can hinder application performance. The Netropy network emulators are easy-to-use, allowing Infineta’s engineers to configure the device in minutes with no training or testing expertise, and highly affordable, while offering the precision needed to ensure accurate results even at very high speeds and low latencies.

"The Netropy 10G product enabled us to maintain our rapid pace development while fine tuning our systems against the kind of WAN capacity and latency conditions that are prevalent in Infineta DMS deployments," said Amol Mahajani, Infineta’s Vice President of Engineering. "Apposite offered us the price/performance advantages we sought while delivering an emulation solution that could reliably scale up to multi-gigabit rates."

Apposite offers a complete line of network emulation products for any need, simulating links from less than 1 Kbps up to 10 Gbps.

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