Superna Partners With Apposite to Test Storage Network Equipment
Apposite’s WAN Emulator Simulates Network Conditions to Qualify SAN Equipment to OEM Standards

LOS ANGELES, CA and OTTAWA, ON (April 10, 2012)Apposite® Technologies and Superna today announced a partnership whereby Superna will use Apposite’s Netropy network emulator to qualify the interoperability of storage network products to the specifications of storage equipment vendors.

Apposite Technologies is the leader in network simulation products to test the performance of enterprise networking applications. Apposite’s Netropy network emulators simulate WAN bandwidth, delay, packet loss, and other impairments that can impact system performance when connected over a wide-area network.

With the increasing use of storage network technology to connect multiple data centers separated by hundreds or thousands of miles, it has become critical to ensure that the storage systems remain properly synchronized and that performance is maintained despite adverse network conditions.

Superna operates a test lab to validate that storage area network products, including WAN optimization and backup and disaster recovery systems, meet the standards for performance and interoperability set by market leading storage vendors. (Click to see Testing Services offered.) These requirements include the ability to perform reliably over long distances, as well as resiliency to bandwidth limitations and packet loss that can occur between sites.

To run these performance tests, Superna selected Apposite’s Netropy 10G2, which provides advanced emulation capabilities for links up to 10 Gbps.

"The Netropy 10G2 is perfect for ensuring that new products work seamlessly with the storage arrays," says Andrew MacKay, CTO of Superna. "There’s really no other enterprise-class emulator that can handle 10 Gbps of traffic at the level of precision we need to ensure trustworthy results."

About Superna

Superna solutions are used to plan, secure and qualify the interoperability of optical and storage area networks. The SupernaNET product family provides a foundation for network planning and advanced discovery analytics. The Network Security Portal is used by service providers to offer Encryption as a Service to enterprises and provide a dashboard for security events. The Storage Area Network Qualification service helps network equipment manufacturers to qualify the interoperability of their WAN network solutions. Contact us at Superna.NET

About Apposite Technologies

Apposite Technologies’ award-winning WAN emulation products provide IT professionals with high precision tools for benchmarking the performance of applications across wide area networks. Distinguished by industry-best ease-of-use and unmatched cost-performance, Apposite’s Linktropy and Netropy appliances inform critical decisions impacting bandwidth investment, application deployment, and end-user satisfaction. Apposite’s network emulation products are used by leading enterprises, application and equipment vendors, government and military organization, test labs, and telecommunications carriers around the world.

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