Apposite Unveils Netropy 40G WAN Emulator
First Emulator Capable of Simulating 40 Gbps Networks


LOS ANGELES (October 15, 2013)Apposite® Technologies today announced the release of the Netropy® 40G, the first WAN emulator capable of simulating emerging 40 Gbps networks.

As bandwidth requirements continue to grow, high-speed networks connecting everything from the internet backbone to datacenter infrastructure and corporate networks are beginning to migrate to 40 Gbps technology. These next–generation high-speed networks are especially important for cloud computing infrastructure, storage replication and synchronization, and distribution of media assets.

However, at high speeds, even a small amount of latency caused by the distance between sites or an occasional packet loss due to errors on the network can have an extreme impact on application performance. Apposite’s Netropy WAN emulators simulate the bandwidth, latency, loss, and other conditions of the network to test application performance in the lab under real-world conditions. Netropy WAN emulators make it possible for application vendors to benchmark and optimize system performance in a simulated, repeatable test environment and allow enterprise IT departments to validate the end user experience prior to purchase and roll-out of new applications.

“TRAC's research shows that 36% of organizations are looking to deploy 40 Gbps networks in the next twenty-four months,” said Bojan Simic, Principal Analyst, TRAC Research. “This is driving technology vendors to offer solutions that can fully utilize the bandwidth. Apposite's WAN emulators enable vendors and user organizations to test these products under realistic conditions and ensure that they can be truly effective on 40 Gbps networks.”

“Netropy WAN emulators are an absolute necessity for our product development,” said Masayuki Horikiri, Vice President of Anritsu Networks. “The Netropy emulators make it possible for us to design our products to work optimally across a wide range of customer conditions.”

The new Netropy 40G has one pair of QSFP 40 GbE ports and can handle an aggregate of 80 Gbps of application traffic. In addition to simulating a single 40 Gbps WAN link, the Netropy 40G can also be used to simulate four separate 10 Gbps links or up to fifteen lower speed links, providing a cost-effective solution for simulating large numbers of current-generation networks with a single device.

The Netropy 40G is the newest model in the award-winning Netropy product line, which also includes the Netropy 10G1 and 10G2 for 10 Gbps emulation, and the Netropy N60 and N91 for 1 Gbps networks. By combining unparalleled ease-of-use with unmatched pricing, Apposite makes it possible for network managers, IT administrators, and application developers to learn within minutes how applications will perform over a variety of real-world networks.

Apposite will be demonstrating the Netropy 40G at SNW Fall, Oct. 15-17, in Long Beach, CA, and at the IP Expo, Oct. 16-17, in London, UK, with customer shipments beginning at the end of October.

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