Introducing Netropy Virtual Edition, a software version of Apposite’s award-winning network emulation appliance


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NetropyVE runs as a Virtual Machine in virtualized test environments to recreate real-world network conditions. It offers advanced capabilities to benchmark, troubleshoot, and optimize the performance of critical applications. Use NetropyVE to introduce impairments between resources and analyze your application’s resilience to changing network conditions.

NetropyVE is powerful and flexible enough to assign a unique Wan access profile to every virtual machine and then mimic bandwidth limits, latency, loss, and other network conditions to give you the most realistic evaluation of your application’s performance.

Simulate Bandwidth, Latency & Jitter, Loss

  • Change WAN impairments and view results in real time
  • Configure via browser or automate with CLI
  • Profile live networks and import into WAN simulation
  • Replay capture files as background traffic

Why use the software version of Netropy? Many software development teams run their tests in a cloud or private datacenter where they do not have the ability to install an appliance. With NetropyVE, it is now possible to install WAN emulation between virtual resources. For high bandwidth applications Netropy appliances are available supporting all speeds up to 100Gbps.

NetropyVE can run in VMWare ESXI or KVM environments.